During February, there will be plenty of jobs in the garden, as it brings with it the glimmer of hope for approaching spring; early bulbs begin appearing along with the noisy, noise from chirruping birds! Temperatures will start to slowly increase and the days begin to feel a little longer.

February is the perfect time to start pruning, shrubs like wisteria will benefit enormously. Prepare vegetable seedbeds and why not experiment by sowing some early vegetables under cover if the weather isn’t too bad. Dave, our resident expert in our garden department is a good place to start if you have questions about early season crops.

Continuing the pruning theme, look to tidy up evergreen and deciduous hedges and prune any climbers around your conservatory or greenhouse, as well as cutting back any deciduous grasses that have grown unchecked over winter.  Winter flowering shrubs should also be pruned once they’ve stopped flowering, and snowdrops should be divided.

It’s best to put up nets on fruit bushes and crops to the keep hungry birds off – or top up their feeders and water fountains instead to keep them satisfied.  

Ref: http://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardening/calendar/February/Monthly-advice