It’s so refreshing and uplifting to see daffodils and tree blossoms start to come into bloom?  As ever, April will bring with it ‘April showers’, along with limited sunny days, but be especially mindful of frost during this time, as it does have a habit of sneaking up.

As always, try to keep weeds under control – it seems to be a never-ending job, but it’s best if you don’t allow them to take hold.

Protect fruit blossom from wily late frosts and tie in climbing and rambling roses. Sow hardy annuals, herb seeds and new lawns.

Also, start to feed citrus plants, shrubs and roses.  Prune fig trees, divide bamboos and water lilies.

Now’s a good time to start watering house-plants a little more frequently.

And, last but not least, don’t forget your garden lodgers – keep feeding, put up nesting boxes and maybe sow some wildlife friendly flower seeds like Verbena and Honesty.