March is definitely one of the busiest months in the gardening calendar. And it’s an ideal opportunity to get the children involved in helping out too; they’ll find it fun as well as being educational.

With the long awaited lighter nights and warmer temperatures, come unrelenting weeds!  They seem to be super-charged too; no sooner have you cleared them, they’re back again.  But try your best to keep on top of them, so they don’t take hold.

It you’re thinking of encouraging the children to have a go at ‘growing their own’, consider sowing broad beans, carrots, parsnips, early potatoes, radish, peas, lettuce, spinach and chard – all of which are fairly easy to grow with a little care and attention.

Make sure you visit us in-store at Shackletons Home & Garden, Clitheroe, to select your summer flowering bulbs (this is something the children will really enjoy helping with).  If you plant now, you’re sure to be guaranteed a stunning colourful summer garden display. Dave, our resident expert can help if you’re not sure or you would like some guidance on the best varieties.

Deadhead narcissus, but leave the leaves to die back naturally.

And, remember the resident wildlife – if you haven’t already, now’s the ideal time to put up a nesting box for the birds, along with food and water.