When a classic British furniture designer and American fashion house combine, the result is a harmonious new collection of stylish furniture by Tetrad, upholstered in the hallmark ‘Signature’ fabrics of Ralph Lauren. And here at Shackletons we’ve a new in-store gallery featuring the key looks from the Tetrad Signature RL collection. Below are a couple of our favourite classics:

Brooks : Classic roll arm designed sofa with high back and sides, upholstered in wide white and navy pinstripe, finished with navy accent scatters.

The Brooks sofa is featured in our latest TV commercial, where we paired it with the beautiful Yale leather footstool creating a sophisticated, elegant room set. View our TV commercial here

Gatsby : Sumptuous and elegant - upholstered in navy Egerton pinstripe. Works wonderfully when teamed with the leather Yale armchair and footstool.

In-store you’ll also find more of Tetrad Ralph Lauren on display – look out for the gorgeous looks of Colorado, Madison, Rodeo Corner Group and Tuxedo. And if you’re thinking of a timeless look in your home, here are a few pointers to help you achieve a modern, timeless style: - embrace natural materials and craftsmanship – remember, it’s the details that count - look for pieces that are homely and comfortable, yet feature contemporary features - don’t be afraid to take a traditional shape and mix it with a modern fabric or colour – contrast is key - generally mix things up. All of the Tetrad RL range is available with interest-free credit options. See online for details, or if you’re rather speak to someone in person, please call 01200 441230.