Ever wondered about wool?  Well, with its many diverse facets, it should really be named wonder wool!

Wool is a contradiction in terms; a timeless, elegant classic and on-trend must-have.  With the added qualities of being extremely durable, eco-friendly and recyclable. 

Some interesting facts:

Did you know that the fibres of wool are comparatively stronger than steel?  Now that’s amazing. A wool fibre can be bent 20,000 times without breaking and still have the power to recover, so has immense durability.  Naturally biodegrading eventually but only after decades of impeccable service.

During its production process, wool uses far less energy compared to man-made fibre production. So less carbon dioxide emissions means less impact on the earth.

A green gem too. Old wool fabric and fibre can be recycled for many uses including insulation and geotextiles. And, if that’s not enough green-goodness, it can be composted allowing the release of nitrogen rich nutrients back into the earth. Oh, something else too; wool can also help purify the air in interiors for up to thirty years, by absorbing harmful pollutants from the atmosphere – really!

In a nutshell, it’s also:

-  Fire retardant; it doesn’t drip, melt or emit harmful fumes.

- Hypoallergenic being resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew

- Energy efficient; helping to reduce heat transfer between floors and windows with its insulation properties

- A peace keeper; as a natural acoustic insulator it helps limit the spread of reverb and noise transmission from room to room

- Anti static; remember static attracts dirt and debris, so with anti static properties it stays cleaner for longer

- Easy care; as the wool fibre is a series of overlapping scales this means dirt sits on the surface, making it super easy to remove with a good vacuuming.  This same structure means that spills and spoils don’t absorb quickly either, allowing time for cleaning by blotting.

All in all, wool is definitely worth the investment. Here at Shackletons Home & Garden, Clitheroe, we’ve a vast selection of beautiful wool fabrics to choose from. Combine that with over 30 sofa shapes; you can customise and co-ordinate your furniture to total perfection.


(And if wool isn’t your thing, we’ve plenty of impressive man-made fabric alternatives that you’ll love!)