Christmas plants make an ideal Christmas gift for any garden lover. They’re not only a thoughtful gift, but they’re an uplifting sight especially through the long dreary winter.

Poinsettias are the classic Christmas plant and are famous for their fiery red blooms and pointed leaves.  Here at Shackletons Home & Garden, we also sell them in white and pink varieties, so you really can create a colourful festive display.

During winter, Cyclamen are a welcome burst of colour, with pretty upswept petals in bold pinks and variably patterned leaves. They have a long flowering period and are perfectly happy as houseplants, if you look after them.

Ardisia is another ideal Christmas plant because of its wonderfully festive red berries. It tends to have a thick cover of berries with plenty of strong and glossy leaves, and makes a fantastic focal point in any home over the Christmas period.

For Christmas plants with a difference, the Christmas cactus Schlumbergera is popular with us here at Shackletons, it produces lovely blooms in pink, red, soft white and coral shades.

And of course, if you’re struggling to find the ideal Christmas gift for a certain someone, then don’t forget about our bespoke Christmas Hamper Collection.  Where you can tailor your hamper to the likes of the recipient by also including Christmas plants (well, anything you fancy actually!) 

For more information, or advice on choosing the best Christmas plants, you can always speak to Dave our friendly in-store expert on 01200 441230, who will be more than happy to help you.