For us, it’s a bit of a family tradition of always choosing to have a real Christmas tree throughout the festive period, and we’re fortunate because we’ve a huge selection of real Christmas trees and potted ones to choose from in-store at Shackletons Home and Garden, Nr Clitheroe (plus loads of artificial Christmas trees too).

It’s fair to say that nothing beats the smell and look of a fresh-cut real Christmas tree, and much of the enjoyment is the time spent picking the perfect size and shape of tree. Making sure it’s absolutely perfect from ALL angles can be tricky, but here at Shackletons Home & Garden we’ve plenty of experts on hand, to literally, lend a hand.

In our garden department we’ve plenty of different varieties of real Christmas trees to choose from, including the UK’s most popular, the Nordman Fir – it’s liked because of its natural good looks, more open branch structure and it doesn’t drop its needles too easily either. Plus other varieties such as Nobles and Lodge Pole pines, all of which are grown in the UK (so they haven’t had far to travel).

A top tip for making the most of your real Christmas tree is to take half an inch off the bottom of the trunk as soon as you get it home, and then rest it in a bucket of water for 24 hours if possible, before taking it into the house. This helps prevent the tree’s natural sap from sealing over the cut and allows the tree to take up maximum water, and thereby retaining its hydration. If this isn’t possible then don’t worry because we also stock a really good selection of stands and bases which hold water, so your tree can keep in tip top condition in its new indoor environment.
With potted trees, it’s best to care for them by keeping them well watered, away from any direct sunlight and make sure you don’t situate them next to any heat sources like radiators. By doing these simple steps, your real Christmas tree, whether planted or fresh, will be ready to enhance your living space for the entire festive period.

That just leaves the fun stuff – the decorating, (with lots of sparkling Christmas decorations, baubles and lights) which the whole family can get involved in. Again, here at Shackletons Home & Garden we’ve all the shimmering, twinkling Christmas decorations you could possibly wish for.