Here at Shackleton’s Home & Garden, we actively encourage the use of good quality garden furniture covers to protect your garden furniture.

Garden furniture covers are primarily designed to cover dining sets, sunbeds, tables, swing seats, benches, parasols and cushions. 

The advantage of using them is two fold.  Firstly they protect against the build up of dirt and debris, which in turn means less maintenance for you.  Secondly, the use of a garden furniture cover means that you can literally remove it and enjoy the use your garden furniture immediately, without the need to clean or dry it first.

So, although the vast majority of the high quality garden furniture we sell is designed to withstand the elements, the use of a furniture cover will be advantageous as not only will it prolong the life of your garden furniture, but more importantly make it super quick and easy to start using it after inclement weather conditions have passed.   Enjoy!

In-store and online, we have a large selection of garden furniture covers from all the main brands – Neptune, Westminster, Bridgman and Alexander Rose