This Christmas, Shackletons want to help make the lead up to the festive period extra special......

As an alternative to paper calendars with chocolate rewards, why not have a unique advent calendar from the Gisela Graham range!  

Your family can mark each day in the four weeks of December with thoughtful, personalised gifts - or even a sneaky chocolate!
These calendars can even be brought out next year too.

The design on the right, and other unique variations, are in store now,.... 

Alternatively why not make your own door wreath that stands out from the crowd....

Follow the steps below to decorate a wreath with a New England Style

You Will Need:

* Plain Twig Heart Wreath
* Three tips of thin ribbon
* 3 hanging dove decorations
* A string of bells
* Wire – thin garden wire will work fine

Start by securing your bells at the top and then twisting them around the wreath. Space them evenly along the whole shape. Leave a space in your decorations at the top for your bow. If you wish to make your wreath completely outdoor-proof you can add a blob of hot glue to the bells  you are adding, to keep everything in place.


Use a small piece of wire pushed through the decorations hanging loop, to attach them to your wreath. Space all decorations evenly, not forgetting the space for your bow.


To make a bow – Hold all 3 of your ribbons roughly 40cm from the end, fold them back into your hand so you have one loop, and then fold them back so you have two sets of loops. Do this again so you have 4 sets of loops, two on each side. Keep hold of the middle and secure with a piece of wire. Cut the tails to even lengths. Wire your bow to the top of your wreath where you have left a space for it.

Tie a piece of rustic string to the top of your wreath and you are ready to hang it!