You’ll Now the clocks have gone back it feels like summer is well and truly just around the corner.  Warmer, lighter nights and buds in abundance, definitely give the feel of everything being alive. 

notice that the lawn will start growing and need more cutting – just make sure you mow weekly and don’t cut to short to start with.

Although temperatures are warmer, don’t become complacent and watch out for late frosts by protecting tender plants.

Your location in the UK will depend on whether you can plant out summer bedding plants.  Cold areas should wait until the end of the month.

It’s a good idea to open the greenhouse doors on warm days.

Think green - try collecting rainwater and consider ways to recycle water for irrigation later on.

Watch out for the viburnum beetle and lily beetle grubs.  And remember keep weeding, it’s a pain of a job but worth it in the long run!