It’s always good to get positive feedback from customers, and talking to a lovely lady who was visiting us in-store just after Christmas, January actually; and who went on to say how impressed she was with a scented candle she had been given as a gift, bought from us at Shackletons Home & Garden.

She admitted that she had been a ‘little sceptical’ in the past when it came to scented candles, as, in her experience they rarely delivered on their promise – usually being expensive, with limited scent and usually burning through inefficiently – so lots of wastage.  That was, until she had the pleasure of a scented candle from our delightful neighbours at Melt (did you notice the carefully chosen word by any chance?!) 

Apparently, before the candle was even lit for the first time, its fragrance just permeated throughout the room, beautifully scenting.  (And still does, having been lit on numerous occasions).  It was given to her as a Christmas stocking filler gift from her husband, a ‘Tall & Thin’ scented candle from the Melt ‘Angel’ range and presented in an stylish black/white glossy box.  The scent characteristics of Angel include jasmine, rose, vanilla, patchouli, amber and a very pleasing hint of luxuriously rich chocolate, giving it a really high quality, expensive feel.  In a nutshell, the candle fragrance would be described as ‘vanilla and musk – warm and full’.

If you love to have fragrance in your home (especially from a natural source, and not one full of chemicals that are harmful to you or the environment) then it’s definitely worth investing in something from the Melt range.  Here at Shackletons Home & Garden, we have a varied range of Melt products on display.  We’ve scented candles in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and fragrances to match any mood. Prices start from just £7.95.

Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best from your Melt scented candle:

- Keep the wick trimming to approximately 4mm before and after lighting. If the wick begins to curl, trim back to 4mm before you light it again.

- Candles generally smoke if the wick is too long and a low flame means the wick is too short; so dig a little wax from around the wick.

- Keep candles away from draughts, as this will encourage them to burn in an uneven fashion.

- Always house candles on/in a suitable holder to avoid wax spillages.

- Keep candles away from secondary heat sources such as radiators or fire as they can make your candle burn more rapidly.

- Never leave candles unattended, keep them away from children and pets.