Looking to invest in a high quality outdoor bench? At Shackletons Home & Garden, you’ll find we’ve plenty of choice; backed up with expert product knowledge.

Of course, it’s a given, that all of our outdoor benches are excellent quality (we don’t sell anything but).  We’ve metal, wooden and rattan outdoor benches in our collection – but a firm favourite of ours is teak.  Perfect because of its high oil content, it makes it naturally durable in extreme weather, (guess that’s why boats are made of the stuff too.)

Here’s an interesting fact. It’s said that a teak bench, chair or table can last up to 70 years, standing out in the elements (yes, that zero on the end isn’t a typo!).  So, although you might pay slightly more for a superior product made of teak, bear in mind, it can literally be passed on as family heirloom! Teak has also become somewhat of a status symbol due to its perceived luxury.

Here at Shackletons Home & Garden, we stock quality and luxury brands like Gloster, Barlow Tyrie, Neptune, Alexander Rose, 4 Seasons Outdoor and Bridgman.  All of which offer beautiful, traditional and modern styles of outdoor benches.  For something a little different, you might like to consider a Love, Tree or Wave bench (depending on your outdoor space of course).

Experience different at Shackletons Home & Garden. If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to call Paul, Julie or Martin on 01200 444488 in our even larger, outdoor living department. Or you can use our online chat facility whilst browsing online at www.shackletonslifestyle.co.uk