There’s no doubt that during long, wet and windy winters, your garden furniture gets put through its paces by the inclement elements. If you’ve invested wisely in high quality garden furniture products, you’ll find you reap the rewards with nothing more to do than a good spring clean to freshen them up, in readiness for a long, warm summer (we hope).

As with all our garden furniture, we sell purpose made cleaners, polishes and renovators that will help you get them in back into tip-top condition and keep them there. On the whole, a mild solution of soap and water will do the trick for quick and easy, day-to-day cleaning, however for a spring-clean or for any hard to shift marks, we’d recommend a cleaner specific to the type of garden furniture you have.

Don’t feel daunted though - as we’ve literally got a cleaner for just about every eventuality, we’ve also got a wealth of expertise available on what the best cleaning solution product might be for you – you only have to ask. From, aptly named ‘stain-less’ cleaners and polishers, non-foaming cleaners for woven and texilene products, to renovators that literally give wooden garden furniture a good drink thereby protecting them for years to come.

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Or if you’d like some advice, you can always telephone us on 01200 444488.