Quality, style and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of this truly traditional English collection that has been inspired by history. And, what’s more, it’s been cleverly created by restoring and reproducing original pieces of furniture discovered in Belvoir Castle, the actual home of Emma the Duchess of Rutland.
(If you’ve never heard of the Duchess of Rutland, she’s an interior designer as well as having lots of entrepreneurial spirit – by all accounts a pragmatic duchess. She’s separated from her husband but they still live together, famously known as the ‘two-lives-one-castle’ compromise. Emma and the children live in the converted Nursery Wing, whilst her ex husband lives in the Shepherd’s Tower. This arrangement allows the couple to work together to preserve the heritage of Belvoir Castle).

Tetrad has faithfully reproduced these pieces using original materials and techniques to create a beautiful collection of sofas, chaise and chairs that are both stylish and comfortable. Only the finest raw materials are used in the construction of the Duchess Collection. With the frames being hand built using air dried beech to an exact specification, then glued, screwed and dowelled to guarantee strength. Steel coil springs are hand-tied, and then covered in traditional horsehair. A layer of wool is placed over this to provide both padding and comfort. The final cover fabric is hand cut and hand stitched onto the furniture.
Added to that, the fabrics used within the Duchess Collection have the same heritage as the furniture itself; inspiration having been found from around the castle, either in their original linen stores or in the castle rooms. The print style has been faithfully replicated wherever possible by using antique sycamore blocks, many of which are over 100 years old. This process makes each printed piece totally unique. And to give you a better idea just how prestigious this collection is - it takes one man a whole week to hand print just 15 metres of fabric. And furthermore, it takes many years to be skilled enough to use the blocks in the first place.

If you’re enthusiastically devoted to an elegant classic style that’s handcrafted from quality raw materials, then the esteemed Duchess Collection is really worth a look, and it’s in-store now at Shackletons Home and Garden, Nr Clitheroe.
Here are a couple of our favourites from The Duchess Collection:
The Belvoir – Basically a classic English chesterfield in distressed leather hide, with beautiful curved arm and stud detail.

The Alice – on-trend loose cover sofa covered in hand-blocked fabric actually found in the castle – printed with the original blocks discovered in the Rosebank archives. The sofa was found in the Old Nursery and is named after the Duchess’ second daughter.